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HEADLIGHT-Marketing and ELOQUIN from Mainz set up a new cooperation to acquire new customers via Google & social media

The year 2021 is all about acquiring new customers using Google Ads, social media campaigns and intelligent funnel systems. The owners of the marketing agencies HEADLIGHT-Marketing and ELOQUIN, Christof Classen (HLM) and Roberto Festoso (ELOQUIN) have founded a new cooperation with SALES-PERFORMERS which, with the help of intelligent Google and social media campaigns, helps companies in all industries to acquire more new customers - with heart and mind!

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HEADLIGHT-Marketing launches new platform for website-development

With WEBSITE-LOVERS HEADLIGHT-Marketing & Kommunikation takes a further step towards professional web design and positions itself more broadly as "the partner" for the development of small to large website projects and online shops. In addition, the area of brand design is given greater prominence.

HEADLIGHT-Marketing und Jung & Schick aus Mainz gründen neues Projekt

The guys from HEADLIGHT Marketing and Jung & Schick used the start of the second half of 2020 to launch a new project. With SEO-LOVERS Christof Classen (HLM) and Chris Schwaab (J&S) are now also entering the area of search engine optimization and henceforth support small and medium-sized companies in the areas of Google Ads, social media marketing and search engine optimization.

HEADLIGHT-Marketing seit 01. Januar 2020 Mitglied im BNI-Netzwerk Kaiserslautern.

BNI® stands for Business Network International and is a professional association of regional business people who meet once a week at breakfast time - with the clear goal: More sales through new contacts and business recommendations. An additional turnover that the members would not have achieved without BNI.
Being a participant in the BNI marketing program means, above all, having support in marketing your own services and / or your own products. Neither salaries nor commissions are paid for this. BNI works on the principle: "Whoever gives wins!"
More information on:
How BNI works you can see here.

A moving December with many exciting projects ...

In December we had the chance to get lots of great projects off the ground and to support a variety of different industries and products. Among other things, we have developed an online shop for a young sports label from Berlin and actively supported it with an advertising campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Google.
We have also developed websites for a personnel consultancy, a debt collection company and a manufacturer of bathroom furniture and also accompanied them with advertising campaigns.

Social media marketing - advertise properly on Facebook & Co.

The time has come on October 20th, 2020. I am holding a seminar on social media marketing. It's all about how to properly advertise on social media without spending a lot of money with no results. The seminar is aimed at all interested companies that are already active in the digital sector but would like to be explained how to effectively advertise the right target group there.

Headlight Marketing & Kommunikation presents:

LIEFERSCRIPT – The online ordering system for the catering industry!
No more paying money to online delivery systems. Finally independent of the big ones – and that for only 999 € once! And the best: Das Geld landet direkt auf Ihrem Konto!
If you are interested, just contact us!

Headlight Marketing & Kommunikation presents:

DISPLAYBIRD - Animated monitor advertising in your shop or your shop window!
Perfect for travel agencies, hairdressers, ice cream parlors, kiosks, bars, restaurants, clubs, fitness studios, gas stations and much more. Bring your most important news to customers right in your store. And the best: You control the advertising on the screen. It's easy and no matter where you are!
If you are interested, just contact us!

Headlight Marketing & Kommunikation presents:

Sensational offer! For sale is the domain Der Suchbegriff „citrus“ wird bei Google bis zu 10.000 Mal im Monat aufgerufen! Das ist eine super Gelegenheit für alle Unternehmen, die Produkte zum Thema „Citrus“ haben und mit der Domain direkt auf ihre Angebote linken wollen!
If you are interested, just contact us!

Social media marketing - advertise properly on Facebook & Co.

Ideal for all small and medium-sized companies: The IHK seminar "Social Media Marketing - Advertise Correctly on Facebook & Co." on March 31, 2020 at the IHK in Pirmasens with HEADLIGHT Marketing owner Christof Classen as a lecturer. Register now at: IHK-Social-Media-Seminar-2020

HEADLIGHT marketing in the current newsletter no. 11 of the Southwest Palatinate Economic Development Agency

Take a look. Exciting topics about the economy in the southern Palatinate await you.
You can find me on page 9. >> Download WFG Newsletter 11

Topic: Shortage of skilled workers

In the last few years there has been a serious shortage eingestellt. Vielleicht haben Sie dies bereits am eigenen Leib gespürt. Aus diesem Grund wird es immer wichtiger, seine Unternehmenskommunikation zu optimieren und sich mit dem topic of employee-marketing. Is your company / company seen as an interesting and potential employer for skilled workers and young professionals? Are you communicating your job vacancies to the right target group using the right means? I would be happy to help you strengthen and professionalize your communication with potential employees.

Huawei: Advertising on smartphone lock screens was an accident

Owner of Huawei-Smartphones should stop seeing ads on the lock screen. The Chinese manufacturer recently delivered advertising messages on its smartphones - unplanned.

So that you don't make such a faux pas with your advertising, it is better to come to us right away.
HEADLIGHT Marketing plans and implements your advertising professionally and precisely for the target group!

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Focusing on the essentials is the key to success!

The new Huawei P30 Pro shows small things really big with a fifty-fold digital zoom. Jung von Matt stages this characteristic in an unusual campaign. This is a good example of the fact that it is not the bulk of the advertising message that matters, but rather the focus on presenting a particularly concise characteristic of your own company or your own performance. HEADLIGHT-Marketing supports you in finding your USP and presenting it optimally.

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HEADLIGHT Marketing is launching two "starter packages" for business start-ups.

On 05/19/2019 HEADLIGHT-Marketing launched its first two marketing "starter packages" for start-ups. This gives start-ups the opportunity to get the most important communication tools for starting their business for just € 800 * or € 1,200 *. In the "small package" for € 800 * this includes the design of a logo, business cards and stationery, as well as the creation of a homepage. The "big package" for € 1,200 * also includes a Facebook page and a company brochure.

* The prices are guide prices that can change according to customer wishes and requirements.

HEADLIGHT marketing at the IHK Pirmasens

From fall 2019, Christof Classen, founder of HEADLIGHT-Marketing will start teaching the subject "Marketing & Sales" at the IHK Pirmasens as part of the course for business administration.

HEADLIGHT Marketing publishes its own second brochure.

On May 13th 2019 HEADLIGHT Marketing publishes its second brochure. This is aimed specifically at "upgraders" who improve their communication and "outsourcers" who want to outsource parts of their marketing. Under the motto "You take care of your own business - we take care of the rest" HEADLIGHT-Marketing offers these two customer groups maximum support. Be it as part of a website relaunch, the revision of a brochure or even by taking over the entire marketing activities.

HEADLIGHT-Marketing takes over the start-up campaign of Papst & König Podologie by Carolin Blügel.

On Jnue 1st 2019 HEADLIGHT-Marketing launches its first start-up campaign. This includes the design of a logo as well as business cards and stationery, as well as the creation of a homepage, Facebook page and company brochure. You can reach the new homepage at:

HEADLIGHT Marketing publishes first own brochure.

On may 5th 2019 HEADLIGHT Marketing publishes its first brochure. This is specifically aimed at start-ups who need marketing support at the beginning of their business activity. Under the motto "You take care of your own business - we take care of the rest" HEADLIGHT Marketing is offering two so-called "Marketing Starter Packages" to all interested start-ups. Depending on the package size, this includes the design of a logo, business cards and stationery, as well as the creation of a homepage, Facebook page and company brochure.

HEADLIGHT-Marketing, the new star in the advertising sky.

On July 1st. 2019 HEADLIGHT-Marketing starts its business activities as a marketing and communication consultancy as well as an advertising agency in the area of Rodalben, Pirmasens, Kaiserslautern and the rest of the Southwest Palatinate.

The agency was founded by Christof Classen. The Mainz graduate business economist (FH) as well as communications manager (AMK) worked for over 20 years in a managerial position at various companies in the toy, publishing and telecommunications industries. Among other things, Mr. Classen acted as marketing manager at the toy manufacturer Bandai from Nuremberg, the animal figure manufacturer Schleich from Schwäbisch Gmünd and the travel guide publisher MAIRDUMONT from Ostfildern.
In the future, Mr. Classen will offer his experience in the field of marketing and advertising under his own flag and is looking forward to popular support from the region.