"It could always be worse". But also "better"!

As a company on the market, you have to keep yourself up to date and develop yourself. This also applies to your external appearance! The corporate image that you set up a few years ago as a start-up is, in many ways, perhaps out of date today. In the online area in particular, the technical and graphic requirements have changed significantly, but many company brochures can quickly "get old" and are more reminiscent of a travel catalog from the 90s.

Findability in the search engines has become particularly important, because almost every customer "Googles" before contacting a company or buying a product. Search engine advertising SEA (Search Engine Advertising) respectively search engine optimization SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is on everyone's lips and lets your company appear in the top positions of search engines with a low budget.

We help you to ensure that your customers perceive you as you imagine it, exactly where they are looking for.

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Review and relaunch homepage (excl. WP license and server work)from 890€*
SEO analysis and optimization (4 week program)from 490€*
Relaunch and maintenance of the Facebook presencefrom 89€/week*
Revision or redesign of the company or product brochurefrom 490€*
Ad designab 180€*
Advertising or image filmfrom 890€*
* The prices are guidelines and can vary according to your individual wishes and scope. All prices net plus VAT.